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 How to play Fifa 11 online with Gameranger ?

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Date d'inscription : 2014-08-18

PostSubject: How to play Fifa 11 online with Gameranger ?   Wed 27 Aug - 23:21

How to play Fifa 11 online ?

First, you must own the game Fifa 11.

Then, we will need the GameRanger software. It allows multiplayer games to be played online and offers various social features like chat rooms and voice chat. Click here to download it.

You get this

Check/Uncheck as desired and click "Install"
On the next window click on "Next >"
and again (to accept the license) and accept the license agreement by clicking "Agree".

Here: check "Create a new account" and click "Next >"

Pass the next window by clicking "Next>"

Enter an email address and a password and click "Next>"

Choose your pseudo and your name (real name) and click "Next>"

Choose if you want to filter chat

In the next window, select your time zone

Click "Next >"

GameRanger is installed, but it must answer a verification email.
Go into your inbox and click on the link included in the message (sent by GameRanger).
A web page will open confirming your account validation.

Then return to this window and click "Next>"

You get this

GameRanger is that start (close the small window News)

This also

So we will suppose that you will be hosting a party
GameRanger and automatically detect your FIFA 11.

- In the small window (Friends) click on Add Friend (bottom of the window the middle icon) and to search with  the Account ID or the Nickname. Once find your friends select the
and click Add Friend.

- In the main window go to File and Host Game ...

You get this window

Set the maximum number of players (5 vs 5) on your part and if you want only friends can join your server check "Allow friends only" and click OK.

This window appears.

Return to the small window (Friend) and make right click on your friends
and select "Invite to game".
He will receive an invitation, if he accepts, it appears in the previous window (as well as others if you invite more)

Click on the "Start" button in the window. It wil start also the game of your friend.

In FIFA 11 go into the modes menu online / multiplayer / local networks (LAN).
The game asks you for a username enter yours and confirm
At the next screen in the options at the bottom, choose "house party"
Now enter a name for your server and set options
(mode, duration, speed) and (bottom of page ,confirm by clicking "create a room")
Just wait for the / guests arrive and a "ready" button will display
(bottom of page) and click on the game it launches.
PS: Wait 30 secondes before start the party to let the game synchronizes.

So to join a game, the host will start automatically your the game, and you just have to go into the menu modes online / multiplayer / local networks (LAN). The game asks you for a username enter yours and confirm. At the next screen you should see only the server created by your friend. If this is not the case go to the options at the bottom, choose "refresh".
Finally, join the server and your friend start the game.

PS: If you do not have friends connected, create a game and in creating don't check "Allow friends only." As you can score against real unknown.

And of course, your friends need installed GameRanger.

by psgmandu62
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How to play Fifa 11 online with Gameranger ?
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