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Date d'inscription : 2014-08-26
Age : 20
Localisation : Algers, Algeria

PostSubject: Leagues   Sat 18 Oct - 20:42

We will post here the tables of different Leagues in progress, the images will be regularly updated.

Those who have already won medals in League are listed HERE

Before playing , read the Rules


  • The Player won't to play his game , prefer to play with other players

  • The Player has not logged in since the last 2 days.

  • The Player has a bad connection (including distance)

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Messages : 150
Date d'inscription : 2014-08-26
Age : 20
Localisation : Algers, Algeria

PostSubject: Re: Leagues   Sat 18 Oct - 21:02

1st League has begun !
Write Your score here.
If you have some questions, ask us by writing a Post Here
You have 2 days to play your Match (You must have being played your Game the 08 November at 23h59 UTC+01)
ID Players :
Liverpool           | VV | Matuu         929057      
Bayern              | VV | inthroz        2262539
Inter Milan         katongo                2675702
PSG                  stefan#[tenny]      3677866
CHELSEA FC      [Mr] El Niño™        3417933
Real Madrid       shoter97                4758397
AC Milan           Silent_Gamer         4776281
Dortmund         Zico                       2774382

The Seconds Matchs :
1st Group :

  • Bayern vs Chelsea and Chelsea vs Bayern

  • Inter vs Dortmund and Dortmund vs Inter

2nd Group :

  • Real Madrid vs Liverpool and Liverpool vs Real Madrid => Already played.

  • AC Milan vs PSG and PSG vs AC Milan

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Legendary champion
Legendary champion

Messages : 55
Date d'inscription : 2014-08-31

PostSubject: 2nd League   Sun 15 Mar - 12:32

2nd League

Write your results HERE

Players' IDs:
| VV | inthroz 2262539
| VV | Matuu 929057
Krriss 2756076
[FRA] DriFifa 1960944
lidorx3[Pr0XpEn] 1963428
Altherius 2525947
[FT9] El Niño™ 3417933
Grass'Hopper 1033892

Please play your games as soon as possible!
You have to play 2 games with all your league members (home and away).

You don't have to wait for the next league round. If possible then try to play all your games as soon as possible. Rounds doesn't matter.

When your opponent hasn't been online for 3 days then you will get the instant victory with the score 3-0.

You can check the league table HERE!
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PostSubject: Re: Leagues   

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