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 Rules Leagues

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PostSubject: Rules Leagues   Sat 18 Oct - 20:38

The rules for playing a League :

  • To register in a League, please register here (select The good League), indicating all your details

  • You choose only one team per league.

  • The seedings will be loaded.

  • Each tournament will start when there are 8 or 16 players registered therein.

  • You will be selected in a group which have 4 players, so you have to play 3 games (round trip) before going into semi-finals.

  • The game will take place in 6 minutes for each player, in normal speed

  • Restart the game if there is snow or rain.

  • The winner will be announced after playing 2 games, each player will host a party, then you add the score of both parties.
                   Exemple: First      Match :  David         2 - 1 Christophe
                                Second  Match :  Christophe  3 - 0 David
                                Total              :  Christophe 4 - 2 David
                                Qualified         :  Christophe

  • when your matches are completed, thank you to publish your results for each match played, and the screenshots of these if possible Here (select The good League)

  • when we share the table tournaments, you have 48 hours to play all your games, spend that time, you will lose . If you have a problem with your opponent, he's still not connected, or he refuses to play in two days after the start of the tournament, thank you for write us your problem Here

  • The Edit is strictly forbidden , don't edit your team ,but you can install the patch of transfert 2014, you can follow the procedure

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Rules Leagues
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