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 Championship proposition

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Date d'inscription : 2014-09-26

PostSubject: Championship proposition   Mon 13 Oct - 15:54

I really like that we have a small community and i was thinking that we could play more. Smile
We could organize championships in various formats.

Make 2 small groups - A & B - with a few members - with promotions and relegations, or just one group with a winner.

We could play for example a Premier League, or play just with teams of 4 stars.

As for the teams, we could assign them based on luck. We could make a *.rar file with a password, in this *.rar file we place a *.txt file that has numbers and teams. Let's say:
3-Man. City
and so on..
We send this archive to all future participants but not the password. On the forum everybody says a different number, and after that, each one receives the password and sees what teams he has.
The archive could be done by an admin and only him will know the password.
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Date d'inscription : 2014-08-26
Age : 20
Localisation : Algers, Algeria

PostSubject: Re: Championship proposition   Mon 13 Oct - 16:25

Mmm, nice idea, but we have a little problem, we need more member if you know what i mean...

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Date d'inscription : 2014-08-31
Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Championship proposition   Mon 13 Oct - 17:21


we have been thinking for new tournaments
- tournaments with international teams (like worldcup format, ..)
- tournaments based on league format (bit like u say..)

it s something for the future maybe,
as it will also depends on the interest, available members, ...
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PostSubject: Re: Championship proposition   

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Championship proposition
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