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 [RECRUITMENT] Tournament organizer

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Date d'inscription : 2014-08-18

PostSubject: [RECRUITMENT] Tournament organizer   Thu 11 Sep - 20:32


It's now almost five weeks that the forum exists, and we have 60 registered members. This is not negligible. Currently, the staff forum (Yacine and me) try to offer you regular tournaments quality, well framed with the rules.

However, because we are only two to manage the forum, we need mature people trustworthy confidence to help organize tournaments, and have perpetually tournaments taking place in parallel. Each organizer will be responsible for managing a tournament.

By participating in the organization of tournaments, you allow this forum to significantly increase the number of registered members, knowing that he has about 40,000 players logged in on GameRanger pernamence and that Fifa 11 it contribut greatly, we can easily achieve 500 registered members in a few months. Imagine the enormous potential of this community. Everything depends on you.

Concerning the recruitment of organizers, here are the requirements:

  • have a good level of English

  • have at least 16 years old

  • be mature

  • be patient

  • be available

  • use a minimum software editions pictures as paint, or photoshop, (for updating tables meetings)

  • knowing how to use a minimum a forum (post a message in the right place, edit ...)

  • able to remain neutral

  • having minimum 10 messages forum.

If you apply for help, this is serious. Do not come to be inactive. Of course, we know that you will not be all day on the forum, that you have a life, but we are looking for active members over a long period.

Once we have accepted your application, we will put you at your disposal a tutorial. This work is nothing difficult, it's mainly to update informations about a tournament, and follow his good progress.

To answer this announcement, it's here. Take time to reflect, and give us good reason to recruit you. We will reply via private message as soon as possible.


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[RECRUITMENT] Tournament organizer
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